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Window features NYC-based singer songwriter JEANNE GIES with 7-string guitar master HOWARD ALDEN. They interpret nine original compositions of Brazilian composer/musician Manu Lafer.  Gies penned the lyrics to this unique collaboration, and Alden contributed the arrangements.  The result is a distinctive sound reflecting the freedom of expression of the jazz roots of this duo, whose ‘chemistry and cohesiveness’ are ‘reminiscent of Ella Fitzgerald/Joe Pass’ (Sheila Anderson, author, on-air host WBGO 88.3 FM.)


1. Journey (Catraca) (Jeanne Gies, Manu Lafer)
2. Soul Tree (Conchas Abertas) (Jeanne Gies, Manu Lafer)
3. Gypsy (Versão Fiel) (Jeanne Gies, Manu Lafer)
4. Crime (Te Conheço) (Jeanne Gies, Manu Lafer)
5. Window (Da Janela) (Jeanne Gies, Manu Lafer)
6. Ta Shema (Jeanne Gies, Manu Lafer)
7. Sky (Céu) (Jeanne Gies, Manu Lafer)
8. Translation (Quem Traduz) (Jeanne Gies, Manu Lafer)
9. Account (De Conta) (Jeanne Gies, Manu Lafer)
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